Gold 2020 / Architecture / Interiors

From The Stage

  • Photographer
    Jesús M.Chamizo
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prizes
    Gold in Architecture/Interiors

“The theater can turn the stage into a temple, and that performance space into something even sacred. In South Asia, artists reverently touch the stage floor before stepping on it, an ancient tradition that fuses the spiritual and the cultural". This is my special tribute to the "Temple of the Theater". Viewed from the stage, this majestic space, now empty due to the special moment we have had to live, acquires a double meaning. In amazement, but also in hope with a concrete message: "The performance will undoubtedly ... continue"

"BEYOND WHAT WE SEE, THERE IS WHAT WE ARE ABLE TO PERCEIVE" Madrid, 1961 His passion for art and architecture join forces to create images that aim to convey the essence of what we perceive. "I use imagination and fantasy as tools to show that other reality, sometimes latent and other times, as a speculation that, based on knowledge of the real, shows us new scenarios, making the improbable possible"