Gold 2020 / Editorial / General News (Non-Pro)

Before Night Falls

  • Photographer
    Aldo Feroce
  • Prizes
    Gold in Editorial/General News, 2nd Place winner in Editorial

Homeland of vitality, warmth, energy and uninterrupted dancing reveals such a heartbreaking melancholy. The Bloqueo has not only frozen trade with other countries, it has deprived every Cuban of the possibility of dreaming. It is difficult today to trace another dream in Cuba, if not to flee. And it is not the fault of the revolution, which has helped to root precious values that remain intact - the welcome, solidarity, to name a couple - but of the misery that has continued to reappear as a cyclical threat for thirty years.

I started photographing in 1976 at the age of 19 with a film camera and as a self-taught person I learned how to print in the darkroom, developing films and printing in black and white. Subsequently, for about twenty years I dedicated myself to wedding photography until eight years ago I started to devote myself to a different genre with the intention of realizing something that could satisfy me on an emotional leave.To date, three of my projects have been published in trade magazines: Second Class, Ship Breacking Yard, Compartiendo Esperanzas.