Silver 2020 / Book / People (Non-Pro)

Before My Eyes Close

  • Photographer
    Felipe Queriquelli
  • Agency / Studio
    Christina Force
  • Prizes
    Silver in Book/People

This book is the result of the "before my eyes close" project. The book is a photographic experiment based on staged photography, between Jeff Wall, Crewdson and diCorcia. The book is an ode to the two great certainties of life, change and death. In the middle of the Anthropocene era, the world, and perhaps the entire universe, tries again to reinvent itself and finds itself, lost in a world of infinite options. In a very fast time, philosophy, the moment of reflection, the waiting, the space between things, seem to be a breath and also a look of wisdom in this world of unbalance and changes.

Nanci and John had a forbidden love. Felipe was born. He played on the farm with his grandfather and learned to ride horses at three. With three years old he broke his arm riding a horse. He did theater in his teens and thought he would be a good lawyer, gave up halfway and decided to study Arts. He met a beautiful girl and decided to get married. They moved to Australia in 2009, where he studied Documentary and Direction of Photography at Metroscreen film school. Two were not enough, they decided to become three. Just completed Master of Arts - Photography.