Silver 2020 / Architecture / Buildings (Non-Pro)

City Portraits

  • Photographer
    Jie Ma
  • Prizes
    Silver in Architecture/Buildings

"City Portraits" including two theaters,Chongqing,China. 1st photo is Bishan Culture&Art Center, it is the 2nd oversize theater after Chongqing Grand Theatre. Bishan, the Chinese word of Jade Mountain. So this theatre with "Jade Mountain" as its design theme. the front of the building is composed of triangle, like jade,symbol of strong. 2nd photo is Chongqing Grand Theatre, it is one of China's top 3 theatres. This theatre with "Sails Lost in Boundless Sky" as its design theme making the appearance of the Theatre just like a "glass spaceship" and implying "journey from the past to the future".