Bronze 2019 / Nature / Aerial (Non-Pro)

Japanese Loop

  • Photographer
    Roi Shomer
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Nature/Aerial

This photo was taken via a drone in Hokkaido, Japan, winter 2019. It was a windy day up there in the Japanese volcanos, I knew that I’ve a quite limited Time slot right before the weather in the northland become stormy! My main goal was to taking a photo with a natural objects contrast, due to a heavy Snow back there, the curly black road with the red car on top, helped me to manage to Create a natural loop, this red car came out for nowhere and gave it feeling of a Miniature childhood game!

Hi All! Since I remember myself nature was like a magnet to me, over the years I was traveling Around our global village, there, I discover my big passion to photography, then, I manage to document. Over the years I invested more in a proper photography gear and I've got more experience, my travel has changed and became more "Extreme" in a sense locations wise. Although today I'm working in the Marketing industry I can't take my eyes off my real goal-to become a professional Nature photographer, I believe that based on my work, An award can assist me to achieve it! Roi Shomer