Bronze 2019 / Fine Art / Portrait (Non-Pro)


  • Photographer
    Natasha Yankelevich
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Fine Art/Portrait

This portrait is about the peculiarities of appearances and how a variety of people achieve the right to "appear" - to be different, but to live a normal life. In albinism, a genetic pathology, the carriers of which are primarily distinguished by very fair skin and hair, since they are partially or completely lacking pigmentation, yet there is a special situation. Nastya Zhidkova from Moscow is a vivid example of how all the established canons of beauty are crumbling. After all, she is an albino, with snow-white skin and hair, bright eyes and eyelashes and a very charismatic appearance.

Natasha is the photographer and designer from Moscow. She was born in Nov. 1, 1988. In 2005 she entered the Russian Tourism University deciding to learn graphic design. Also she was inspired by the processes of photo industry, so started her way as a photographer. Since that time Natasha took part in numerous projects - ?reative and fashion shootings, magazine's publications, exhibitions. The main thing in her photography is to get a real emotion, that can be understandable for everyone. It is the little stories about thoughts, senses and invisible miracles, on way to yourself.