Gold 2019 / Advertising / Beauty (Non-Pro)

Hot On Heels

  • Photographer
    Aardenburg & De Vries
  • Agency / Studio
    Aardenburg & De Vries
  • Prizes
    Gold in Advertising/Beauty

In our photo series Hot on Heels we created different settings. The model always wears nail polish to show her femininity even more. The theme of the series is absurd; we use hands like feet, on high heels. Images: - Fabulous Flowers - Beloved Bark - Black Boots - Fifties Fashion - Naughty Nails - Shaggy Stones - Tender Tabs - Toxic Thorns

Jacqueline and Rosanne are a photographic duo based in the netherlands. With backgrounds in styling, design and commercial imagery, their works combine aspiration and realisation - photographs that are both surreal and believable. The duo create playful and dynamic compositions that build on reality with a minimum of post-production enhancement.