2nd Place 2019 / Science

Terra Incognita

  • Photographer
    Marko Umicevic
  • Prizes
    Gold in Science/Environment , 2nd Place winner in Science

Terra Incognita is a site-specific, cameraless project started in the Summer of 2018, in the mountain region of Croatia. Referring to uncharted territories and relaying on entropy, Terra Incognita is a geographic investigation of the invisible that is persistent in the natural environment. The paper is placed directly onto the soil, it is covered with a stone and is exposed to environmental activities for 30 days. Traces and marks that appear on the paper are result of randomness and chance. The photographs represent the ungraspable and unknown life of the Earth, existing far from our sight.

Marko Umicevic (b. 1982) is a photographer and visual artist based in Zagreb, Croatia. His work focuses on experimental, analogue processes, involving self designed cameras and camera-less techniques. His recent art has evolved towards mapping and abstract representation of natural environment, relying on nature as a sole force in image creation. Marko holds an MA Degree in Art History from the University of Zagreb. He exhibited across Europe, United States and South America and has been featured online and in several publications.