Silver 2019 / Portfolio / Fine Art


  • Photographer
    Christy Lee Rogers
  • Agency / Studio
    Christy Lee Rogers
  • Prizes
    Silver in Portfolio/Fine Art

Obsessed with the transformative qualities of water, Rogers uses it once again as her muse, pushing toward a new boundary for herself both artistically and emotionally. The narrative in Rogers’ new waterscapes continues to follow the thread of her most celebrated collections, with a process that allows her and her subjects to experience firsthand the vulnerabilities and beauty of the human body in an underwater setting. The colors and cascading bodies take on late Renaissance and Baroque tones, with chiaroscuro contrasts of light and darkness creating movement and purpose within each scene.

My purpose behind the work is to question & find understanding in the craziness, tragedy, vulnerability, beauty & power of mankind. Christy Lee Rogers' obsession with water as a medium for breaking the conventions of contemporary photography has led to her work being compared to Baroque painting masters like Caravaggio. Through a fragile process of experimentation, she builds elaborate scenes of coalesced colors and entangled bodies that exalt the human character as one of vigor & warmth, while also capturing the beauty and vulnerability of the tragic experience that is the human condition.