Bronze 2019 / Nature / Seasons

Painted By The Winter Winds

  • Photographer
    Peter Svoboda
  • Prizes
    Silver in Book/Nature, Bronze in Nature/Seasons

Harsh weather in December can create painterly look of landscapes in Iceland. This is a series of winter shots taken the day after the hurricaine force winds turned the ordinary landscape to a minimalist one. Series taken in December 2018

I was born and live in a beautiful historical city of Kosice, Slovakia. Since my youth age I was interested in art, in its various genres. Many years ago was studying also at art school where we focused on drawing and painting. I loved especially to paint oils on canvas. Beside that I started to discover a magic of the dark room and started to shoot on BW film and transparent. Later on, I 'vwe been taking pictures on digital. I soon realized that photography will be that wonderful and exciting journey for me.