Bronze 2019 / People / Life Style


  • Photographer
    Gerard Staron
  • Prizes
    Bronze in People/Life Style

In this project, I was interested by the smallest division of the territory, the house, as an expression of individuality. If the methodology is inspired by the Dusseldorf school, this is not objectivism here, rather letting the viewer's subjectivity meet the author's. Each image of habitation will be completed with an interior view that will be attributed to the owner of the place. These objects belong in fact to the photographer, a link is then established between the author and the subject, and by transitivity between the author and the viewer .

I work on notion of time, the time which spends, the forgetting, the nostalgia, the no return sensation and the feeling that our existence will be very brief. Adding to this feeling, I have the fear that our world will quickly become ruined if we don't react.