Gold 2019 / People / Life Style


  • Photographer
    Vito Finocchiaro
  • Agency / Studio
    Eikon Culture
  • Prizes
    Gold in People/Life Style

With this image, taken on 27 September 2015 at 04.08 am on the WHITE TRAIN – Siracusa/Lourdes, I documented the story of those who spend themselves to help those who have faced the barriers of life, becoming a cure for the soul and the body. This is the story of a UNITALSI volunteer. I wanted to understand and testify to what drives volunteers to face difficulties and difficult journeys. Along the way I was impressed by this girl's appearance. His eyes were heavy with sleep and weariness, but joy and enthusiasm transpired in every gesture.

Vito was born in Sicily in 1965. Free professional. Careful observer of problems. His passion for his work let him “live” and “tell” facts about people of this place of origin and from far parts of the world. Because of his interest in social issues he has collaborated with some Onlus.