Bronze 2019 / People / Culture

Faces of Nepal: People of The Kathmandu Valley

  • Photographer
    Walter Sinigoi
  • Agency / Studio
    Walter Sinigoi
  • Prizes
    Bronze in People/Culture

The photographic project focus the attention on the Nepalese people that are living around Kathmandu Valley, the UNESCO World Heritage Site with seven well preserved locations: 600 km surrounded by big cities, small villages and remote mountain communities that represents a cultural cauldron of the country, where people from varied backgrounds have come tighter to present a melting pot. The natives of the Valley are the Newari, the creators of its historic civilization. Newari culture is an integration of both Hinduism and Buddhism that continue to develop with with their age-old traditions.

Born in Trieste in 1979, I'm currently living in Italy, developing my photographic activity as a Travel Photographer, focusing my attention on Reportage, Street Portraits and Landscapes. Interested in deepening the knowledge of our world both in terms of natural environment and from the cultural point of view, I'm looking at photography with a zen approach, convinced that the one who tries to sharpen as much as possible the mind capabilities, chooses a passion that consists in improving the visual abilities.