Bronze 2019 / People / Culture


  • Photographer
    Samantha Everton
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prizes
    Bronze in People/Culture

From the series "INDOCHINE", in which images reveal what lies hidden. In this portrait can be found fragility and adaptability, vulnerability and resilience, compliance and resolute self-expression. Alabaster explores the strict social stature and moral values which governed the Elizabethan era.

Born in Whyalla, South Australia, Samantha Everton credits her unusual childhood as instrumental in fostering a creative mind. Growing up with a biological brother and three adopted Asian siblings, Everton spent hours fossicking for gemstones under the wide blue skies of remote mining towns in Central Queensland. Hers was a colour-saturated world. Although not directly referencing her own family experience, multicultural themes and notions of identity continue to influence much of her imagery.