Bronze 2019 / People / Children

Narin Survived

  • Photographer
    Rasmus Flindt Pedersen
  • Agency / Studio
    Flindt Pedersen Photography
  • Prizes
    Bronze in People/Children

On January 31st 2017 an ISIS morter struck in front of Narin’s home while she was playing outside with her brother Ayjad and sister Ghufran. Her brother and sister were killed and Narin was wounded so critically that the hospital doctors thought she would die too. Against all ods, Narin survived. Today she’s five years old. She still has a fragment imbedded in her eye and two in her brain and according to her mother she’s mentally like a one-and-a-half-year-old. She prefers to play alone so the other kids won’t make fun of her mutilated eye.