Bronze 2019 / People / Children

Across The River'S Flow.

  • Photographer
    Davide Bertuccio
  • Prizes
    Bronze in People/Children

Johanna (15) in Richis, Romania. She is walking towards the Saxon cemetery. Saxons are a community with German roots. Since XI century, together with Hungarians and Romanians, they’ve been living in the green heart of Romania. From this very land, a major migration is now taking place which marks the decline of centuries of history. Saxons are disappearing and their culture, their tongue and traditions along with them. “Across the river’s flow” aims to be a work about the disappearing of ethnic minorities, overwhelmed by the pace of modern life and by an ever-growing globalization.

Davide (b.1991) is a photojournalist based in Milan. He graduated in 2016 at IED at the school of visual arts in photography. Since the end of 2016, he focused on the theme of globalization, looking for stories that would give voice to the small realities crushed by that indefatigable desire for equality. In 2019 He decided to follow his passion for science and environmental problems with the realization of a work about the problem of plastic pollution in the Mediterranean Sea. Davide, inserted in 2014 among the 10 best under 25 Italian talents, received national and international awards.