Gold 2019 / People / Children

Pictures of Her

  • Photographer
    Aimée Hoving
  • Prizes
    Gold in People/Children

This series are like paintings telling childhood stories. Who is she? The child is Hoving’s daughter, the stories told go way beyond the obvious mother-daughter relationship. The child strikes poses that could be a game, or not... Is the child playing hide-and-seek, or is she trying to escape by jumping through the window, or by blending into the background to the point of becoming a curtain, a lamp, a piece of furniture, that one sets down here or there? We are plunged into a universe where dreams and strangeness go hand in hand. It is The daughter that gives the titles to the pictures.

Dutch photographer Aimée Hoving was born in 1978 in Belgium, before settling in Switzerland at an early age. Bridging two cultures – not really Dutch (she never lived there), nor really Swiss (she is not naturalized) – she carries in her a bit of both. Aimée studied at the ECAL and obtained a BA in visual communication with a specialization in photography. She has participated in several international group exhibitions, has been granted the Swiss Design Award, won the Leenards Foundation Award. Her pictures are found in private collections as well as in museums such as the Musée de l’Elysée.