2nd Place 2019 / Editorial

Saving Linda

  • Photographer
    Alain Schroeder
  • Prizes
    Gold in Editorial/Environmental, 2nd Place winner in Editorial, Silver in Nature/Wildlife

Near Bangun Sari village in Northern Sumatra Indonesia, a small plantation owner has called in HOCRU, the Human Orangutan Conflict Response Unit (a division of OIC), to rescue an orangutan from a rubber plantation. Although this 15-year-old female, who the team names Linda, is blind in one eye, her vitals are good and Jeni, the team veterinarian determines that she is fit to be returned to the Tenggulun protected forest, a two-hour drive from here. With just over 14,000 specimens left, the Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii) of the Leuser Ecosystem, is listed as Critically Endangered.