Silver 2019 / Events / Music

Metalheads of Botswana

  • Photographer
    Frank Trimbos
  • Prizes
    Silver in Events/Music

Botswana enjoys a growing number of heavy metal aficionados. Albeit small, the enthusiasm is no less. Actually, probably because the heavy metal community is so small across Africa, the dedication seems all the time more intense. Performing and listening to heavy metal is only a part of the whole experience. They use heavy metal and their alter egos to remove themselves briefly from their everyday lives; forget about their problems for a while and simply start headbanging.

Frank Trimbos (1978, Waalwijk, The Netherlands) is a documentary & portrait photographer in South Africa. After completing the school of Photography in Amsterdam specialized in Documentary photography. Frank began to explore the lines of storytelling, documentary and portrait photography to engage with issues of cultural, social and historical significance. In 2010 Frank moved from The Netherlands to South Africa where he began to experience the South African everyday life, capturing social issues and exploring marginalized communities.