Silver 2019 / Fine Art / Other

Where Do I Come From?

  • Photographer
    Galina Manikova
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prizes
    Silver in Fine Art/Other

I left Moscow in 1973 with just a few belongings and no family artifacts, stories or photographs. My first meeting with my family after many years without any contact happened in 1987 and led me to a long investigation into the subject of identity and belonging. I want to form to-dimensional forms and photographs into three-dimensional sculptures that can be seen from different angles and in different settings and light conditions. Transparency, many layers, different languages and symbols should express my personal vision and the world the way I see it. I use Kozo pulp and fibers.

I work mostly with concepts and ideas. Materials and techniques are secondary to me; I choose what is suitable to the idea and the circumstances. I often use myself as both subject and source of my work. I say what I mean, and I do not follow the rules. I cannot be still for more than a day or two. I start making something new, without even noticing that I am working. The pleasure is to get the devils out, to express oneself freely. The downside is the boring and time-consuming processes, technical problems, money problems and most of all lack of time. See more at