Bronze 2019 / Fine Art / Landscape

Into The Light

  • Photographer
    Tom Jacobi
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Fine Art/Landscape

For almost two years Tom Jacobi travelled seven continents looking for archaic landscapes that either dominate by their brightness or open up to the light in unrivalled moments. The photographs for »Into the Light« symbolize that man, coming out of darkness, strives towards light in search for the meaning of life. Gazing upwards towards the sun fills us with the brightest of all colours: White. The light as the opposite of black, antagonistic to void and chaos. His partly abstract, surreal images of nature unfold their timeless power and offer space for contemplation.

Tom Jacobi joined »Stern« magazine 1977, where he worked as a staff photographer until 1986. He created a total of 29 covers for the magazine and won numerous awards for his formative work. In the following 14 years Tom Jacobi worked as a freelance photographer, for magazines like »Vogue«, »Amica« and »The New Yorker« and created numerous fashion and advertising campaigns. In 2000, he returned to »Stern« as art director. In 2005 he founded the magazine »View«, whose editor-in-chief he was until 2008. Since then Tom Jacobi has been working as a photo artist.