Bronze 2019 / People / Self-Portrait

Interior, Mirror

  • Photographer
    Nicole Gadiel
  • Agency / Studio
    Nicole Gadiel / ART
  • Prizes
    Bronze in People/Self-Portrait, Bronze in Fine Art/Nudes

This self-portrait captures the painterly stillness of a mundane situation frozen in time - and at first glance has an apparent lack of narrative. A closer look reveals that there is of course a story to be told, although precisely what it tells about me, is up to the individual viewer. This piece was created as a play on the premise that I am merely a mirrored image of people's perceptions; who I really am is of no relevance, because their perceptions will always be their reality - no matter how much or how little I expose of my (inner) self.

Nicole Gadiel is a visual artist working within the fields of photography and painting; creating fine art and designing interior decor artwork for private and commercial clients around the globe. Born and raised in Canada, Nicole has lived in Denmark since she was a teenager. Her dual citizenship inspired her to view the world from new perspectives and different angles; a trait she successfully implemented during her earlier career in the advertising business and now adeptly applies to the creation of artwork - as she seeks to visually translate the obvious to the emotive.