Gold 2019 / Fine Art / Landscape (Non-Pro)

Holy Place of Time

  • Photographer
    Shuya Iwata
  • Prizes
    Gold in Fine Art/Landscape

I have been fascinated by Japanese castles since the time of my remorse.I have visited over 70 castles in the last few years. I am majoring in architecture at graduate school and studying Japanese castles. Japan's castle is not merely a defensive facility, but it has a side as a vernacular holy place that induces people's jealousy.And the castle which is still the original scenery of the heart of the Japanese feels a layer of time. I cut off a moment of the castle in the flow time. The immovable castle is expressed in monochrome in contrast to the surrounding trees and clouds that change.

I am a graduate student majoring in urban design and architectural design, 23 years old from Hokkaido, Japan. I grew up in the vast nature of Hokkaido, cut out landscapes from my own perspective and photographed architecture and cities with a detailed examination based on expertise at university.I take photographs from urban architectural perspectives, architectural historical sites, and think of architecture from photographic perspectives.