Gold 2019 / Book / Fine Art

Samurai Armour & Art

  • Photographer
    Sylwia Makris
  • Agency / Studio
    Sylwia Makris
  • Prizes
    Gold in Book/Fine Art

Limited edition of 300 Books. Hardcover in a handcrafted box. Golden edges and gold imprints. Hand made envelope from quilted paper with sencha leaves made especially for the book, containing one fineart print with embossed artist-monogram. The Photoartist Sylwia Makris stages genuine ancient japanese armour in her own unique way. Like any piece of armour individually designed for its wearer, each one of Sylwia Makris’s works is unique. Book graphic Design by Bartek Rogalewicz

Sylwia Makris was born in 1973 in Gdynia, Poland. She worked as a sculptor before finding her way to photography in 2007. Today she lives in Munich as freelance photographer.