Silver 2019 / Book / Documentary


  • Photographer
    Daniele Stefanizzi
  • Prizes
    Silver in Book/Documentary

Bruno was diagnosed with tetanus after having been shot with a pellet gun, a weapon which also causes devastating musculoskeletal injuries. As frequently occurs, the accident happened while he was defending his zebus from thieves. The volunteer medical staff of the Hospital Vezo, in Andavadoaka, managed to extract some pellets and provided him with medications. Unfortunately, due to the late arrival, the tatanus was advanced, and Bruno had already started having strong muscle spasms and was risking death. Volunteers had to rush him to a better equipped hospital near Toliara, losing his tracks.

Daniele Stefanizzi is a photographer born in Bologna and raised in Lecce, Italy. His passion for photography dates back to his university years and he cultivated it during his travels across the world. In 2013 he attended a course at the Shoot Institute in Bologna and then kept participating in several workshops throughout Italy. He is mainly interested in social and reportage photography and his works have been published by many magazines and awarded in national and international contests.