Silver 2019 / Architecture / Interiors

Naturalia: Chronicles of Contemporary Ruins

  • Photographer
  • Agency / Studio
    Jonk Photography
  • Prizes
    Silver in Architecture/Interiors

This series asks the question of the place of Man on Earth and his relationship with Nature. Far from being pessimistic, and at a time when Man’s domination of Nature has never been so extreme, she aims to wake our consciousness. It also tells the story of the progression of Nature, from the infiltration in abandoned places, through the moment where she grows inside them, until their collapse. The last picture shows a Taiwanese mansion imprisoned by her strong roots. The next step? Collapse and burial. When Nature and Time take back what Man abandoned, what will be left of our civilization?

I travel the world looking for abandoned places. Today, I have visited more than one thousands of them in more than forty countries on four continents. With time, my interest has focused on those reclaimed by Nature as it appeared to be a visually strong subject but also because it carries an important message. This topic naturally imposed itself on me because of the ecological consciousness that moves me since my youngest age. In March 2018, I released the book Naturalia and currently work on volume II. In June 2018, I quit my job in finance to fully dedicate myself to this project.