Gold 2019 / Architecture / Interiors

Do Not Sit Down

  • Photographer
    Inês D'Orey
  • Prizes
    Gold in Architecture/Interiors, 2nd Place winner in Architecture

There is a wide belief in Tokyo that any house over 30 years is obsolete and most buildings in the city are replaced as soon as their usefulness or contemporaneity is challenged, a practice influenced by the country’s history of earthquakes, tsunamis and widespread destruction during WWII. Inês d'Orey set out to find those rare mid-20th century buildings in Tokyo that have somehow escaped this relentless cycle of renewal. Her quest, which was inspired by the praise of shadows by author J. Tanizaki, evolved into a series of photographs of preserved interiors, which are slowly disappearing.

Inês d'Orey was born in Porto in 1977. Inês works primarily with photography, but has been expanding to installation and video. Most of her work deals with the reinterpretation of interior urban space. She produces images on contemporary issues, with a social and political edge to them. She works as an independent photographer for private clients and public institutions and develops personal projects. She has been frequently publishing and exhibiting her work in different countries. She has a degree in Photography from London College of Printing. Inês is represented by Presença gallery.