Gold 2019 / Advertising / Beauty

Black and Wild.

  • Photographer
    Julien De Wilde
  • Agency / Studio
    Julien De Wilde
  • Prizes
    Gold in Advertising/Beauty

Beauty is an extremely relative concept but what is certain is that it does not need anything, it is self-sufficient. She teaches us that her mother is Nature, that she does not care about laws or borders, that she crosses all dimensions effortlessly and that she can not be bought or even desired. We can just contemplate her presence.

Julien De Wilde is a portrait and fine art photographer based in Brussels, Belgium. His work is defined by simplicity, sincerity, timelessness, and most of the time in black and white. His work has been awarded by the TIFA Tokyo Foto Awards / Photographer of the Year 2019, the FAPA Fine Art Photography Awards, the LICC London, the ND Awards, The Monovisions Photography Awards, the MIFA Moscow and the PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris among others.