Bronze 2019 / Advertising / Fashion

The Rising

  • Photographer
    Sid Rane
  • Agency / Studio
    Sid Rane Photography
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Advertising/Fashion

This is my artistic interpretation to showcase the beauty of ethnic model Guetcha, an immigrant from Haiti who had flee due to dire circumstances.Despite hardships she created wonders in LA LA land. She represents hope for all such people who dream of rising above all odds.

An engineer by education; after leading a hardcore corporate lifestyle for 10 years; Sid left his job in 2015 and apprenticed with top commercial fashion photographers in the industry before starting out on his own. The strongest, most defining aspect of Sid’s aesthetic is that he never conformed to the conventional ‘rules’ of commercial fashion photography, but made his own. He has crafted his own unique style of commercial fashion photography by drawing inspiration from his personal treasure of memories and experiences he continues to keep acquiring from his love for traveling.