Gold 2019 / Architecture / Bridges (Non-Pro)


  • Photographer
    Shuya Iwata
  • Prizes
    Gold in Architecture/Bridges, Gold in Architecture/Cityscapes, 1st place winner in Architecture

"Tiefenausdehunug" is the word Hildebrand talks about in his book. Literally translated, it means "representation of depth". When humans capture space, depth is an important factor. I aimed to rediscover "depth" in the landscape of Japan. Interrelationship between faces make people feel the depth. For that reason, I thought that a bridge composed of many members was suitable as a subject. The bridge leads us to the back of the landscape. By expressing in monochrome using daytime long time exposure technique, I eliminate useless elements and focus on the theme of "depth of landscape".

I am a graduate student majoring in urban design and architectural design, 23 years old from Hokkaido, Japan. I grew up in the vast nature of Hokkaido, cut out landscapes from my own perspective and photographed architecture and cities with a detailed examination based on expertise at university.I take photographs from urban architectural perspectives, architectural historical sites, and think of architecture from photographic perspectives.