Bronze 2018 / Portfolio / Fine Art_PO (Non-Pro)

Echoes of Outer Voices and Subtle Clues

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Portfolio/Fine Art
  • Company
    Birdy Tg
  • Photographer
    Birdy Tg

“He was just dreaming about a normal life, but his fate gave him a Fabulous Opera…” This is the story of Derek Rose.Derek was born in Cambodia during the genocide perpetuated by the Khmers Rouges. Sentenced to death, he is exfiltrated to France. Traumatized and become amnesic, he suffers his total loss of identity, loneliness and all kind of social discrimination, homeless life, everyday dangers and creeping insanity. Thanks to the infallible friendship of a mysterious young man, Derek will soon begin an initiatory journey through hell, purgatory and paradise leading to a fantastic destiny.

Birdy Tg is a French Visual Artist and Writer (novelist, philosophical essayist, poet). He is a Storyteller and a philosopher.Narrative, conceptual, philosophical, symbolic, allegorical, oneiric, his photography work mainly consists in very large format frescoes including thousands of individual photographs and requiring up to 2500 work hours per artwork, inviting the viewer to a true treasure hunt of evidences and clues through the numerous displayed details and codes, for taking his own stand on the underlying philosophical problematic Birdy Tg submits.