Bronze 2018 / Portfolio / Fine Art_PO (Non-Pro)

Requiem For Francesca Woodman

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Portfolio/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Byoung Ho Rhee

My project the requiem is hommage to her own works and pray for her soul ended her life with suicide.Based upon 10 selections oof her works ,the scenario was embodied with profoprofound psychological study and virtualization of her surreal world and misfortune story"Being posessed into her surreal images” is the key word to depict my way of reconstruction virtual space with wooden doll equivalent simulacre to her andby way of reinterpretation from myself being possessed into her as well

Korean photographer. with careers of creative photography. surreal.photomontage etc[ Exhibition ] Group 1.2017 PASA (Photo and science art) Festival ,Suwon