Bronze 2018 / Portfolio / Fine Art_PO

Design Vision 10/10

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Portfolio/Fine Art
  • Company
    Rommel B. Lugada
  • Photographer
    Rommel Lugada

A series of ten coloured and ten black & white photographic compositions from different local scenes and found still life objects captured by a Filipino designer as a photographer. All composed with natural lighting and mostly chasing with sunlight while exploring other images with shapes, forms, textures, rhythm, patterns, point of view, framing and simplicity in composition. Taken during travels in different places in the Philippines utilizing his various personal compact DSLRs, handphones and pocket cameras. #FineArt #Design #Photography #Composition #Nature #Travel #CompactCamera

Profile: Filipino industrial designer / fine art photographer (non-pro), and a part-time senior lecturer in design school. Fine Art Photographer of the Year (Non-Pro) with multiple-gold in Int'l Photography Awards - Philippines 2017. 1st Place Winner in International Photography Awards USA 2017 (Micro/Non-Pro). Top winner in International Design Awards USA, Moscow Int'l Foto Awards & Tokyo Int'l Foto Awards (2018). Honorable Mention Winner PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris, Intl. Color Awards, London International Creative Competition & Nominee for Fine Art Photography Awards, London (2018).