Silver 2018 / Portfolio / Fine Art_PO (Non-Pro)

Nada : Nothing

  • Prizes
    Silver in Portfolio/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Jinhyuk Kim

Artist Note is included between images with name of “Trace 3” “Trace 2” “Trace 1”. You can read them in random order or not., Performer Nix wore make up looking at the one-way mirror which I can peep through and observe Nix’s movement behind it. I documented nix’s movement and identified them as I want confessing my voyeurism. Nix was against me expressing their identity for the best on the other side of mirror. This series of work ‘Nada’ is output from our collision.

GIBSON KIM Currently lives and works in Seoul, Korea.I was born somewhere, grew up in several places. Along the way, I spent years in many colleges to think about what I saw. I believe that visual arts is trace to reveal the Episteme of the era. such idea drew me into field of art and visual culture studies. As my interest inspires, I visualize, document, exhibit or publish.