Silver 2017 / Portfolio / Personal

Berlin In Black

  • Prizes
    Silver in Portfolio/Personal
  • Company
    Iole Carollo
  • Photographer
    Iolanda Carollo

Since the end of the WWII, Berlin witnessed a continuous changes in its urban environment. The “fil rouge” walks us through past and present architecture and urban development around Potsdamer Platz and the Bauhaus Masters’ houses in Dessau. In my photographs, the subjects are disengaged, the human figure is absent, just geometries prevails providing similitudes even when the heterogeneity of the structure prevails.

After degree and postgraduate degree in archaeology, I combined my passion for arts, archaeology and photography to develop and specialise on the archaeological finds and piece of arts photography with several collaboration with private and public institutions for their communication campaigns related to launch of exhibition or rehearsal of museums or galleries as well for exhibition catalogs of contemporary national and international artists. Her current endeavors include researches about the landscape and its connection with the humans. Co-founder at église |