Silver 2018 / Portfolio / Personal

Russian Cowboys

  • Prizes
    Silver in Portfolio/Personal
  • Company
    Black Ocean
  • Photographer
    Pit Buehler

Miratorg is the largest holder of black Angus cattle in the world; handling 500,000 head of cattle on 65 farms across Russia.In 2011,they began recruiting American cowboys to help restart a national beef industry that had been destroyed during the Soviet era.The Russians have a strong incentive to keep the nose to the grindstone.Most were born and brought up in the area but were forced to migrate to Moscow to find work. For them, the chance to come home for a good job was a godsend. American Cowboys were hired to teach to the the can-do attitude of a dedicated cowman and the love for animals.

Pit Buehler was born in 1972 in Zug, Switzerland. After graduating from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, he followed a personal invitation from Professor Strauß to be guest of the master class of photography at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig. In his art work, Buehler focuses on Portraiture and People. He has traveled across more than 90 countries to photograph faces of our time. His protagonists are strong or delicate, broken or dynamic. With great virtuosity, Buehler stages the subjects while managing his technical equipment with an ultimate perfection as he worked with