Gold 2017 / Portfolio / Personal

Women As Inspiration

  • Prizes
    Gold in Portfolio/Personal
  • Company
    Antonio Peinado – Fotógrafo
  • Photographer
    Antonio Peinado

The Woman is a very powerful source of inspiration for me. Despite being the funder of life and the glue of society is permanently marginalized by the macho society that does not allow it to reach all their potential. It is subject to social roles that do not allow them to be authentically free as men are. In this selection of images, I have chosen different photological techniques, from wet plate collodion (tintypes and ambrotypes) to photographs made entirely with digital techniques. This society sees Women as an Object or as Goddess.

Antonio Peinado is a Spanish photographer, born in the summer of 1963 in Andújar in Andalucía. He lived there until he settled down in Pamplona in 1981. He has always felt drawn to photography. When Antonio was 15, he began to read and teach himself about photography, developing a passion for the art form as he learned. He is a Photographer with a passion for this art form. It’s this passion, in combination with Antonio's exacting perfectionism which drives him to explore new ways of expressing himself.