Silver 2018 / Portfolio / Fine Art_PO


  • Prizes
    Silver in Portfolio/Fine Art
  • Company
    Their little faces
  • Photographer
    Joanne Widart

Pregnancy is a time of upheaval for a woman. Her body changes but also her whole life. She is at a point of no return, where doubts, fear and questions arise. The uncertain future for our children, the fear that they grow up in a world where darkness is more and more perceptible. Yet in the midst of all this darkness, I always seek this glimmer of hope, this unconditional love that only a mother, can give for their children. I want to depict these feelings in little sub-stories built around common themes such as Rebirth and Mother Nature with a touch of nostalgia for timeless fairy tales.

Joanne Widart is an award winning Belgian photographer specialising in maternity, newborn and child photography. Joanne is the owner of “Their little faces”, founded in September 2016. During her childhood, she studied to become a pianist. Music has had an influence in the way she conceives photography, a medium to both visualise and create other worlds and to allow her to believe in the best our world has to offer. Through her pictures, she creates storytelling in a poetic and artistic ways by seeking hope and love and also beauty in Nature.