Bronze 2018 / Fine Art / Landscape


  • Prizes
    Bronze in Fine Art/Landscape
  • Company
    Thor Fine Art Photography
  • Photographer
    Torleif Lie

During my photography journey through Arizona, I spent more than two weeks photographing the tranquil and mystical Antelope Canyon. I was amazed by the beauty of this underground cathedral. Every step exposed a unique scene of exquisite contrast and brilliance. An unimaginable blend of glowing pastel colors made brilliant by the cascading beams of sunlight above which illuminated this artful collection of sculpted sandstone in infinite shape and form. It was in this sacred canyon I captured some of the most enchanting images in my career.

Torleif Lie is an award winning fine art photographer based in Stavanger, Norway. His work captures not only the beauty of the natural world, but also the essence of a particular place. On the surface of his images the viewer can perhaps see an environmental message, or a celebration of the beauty of the natural world, but in the depth of his photographs one can sense a homage to the cultures that have inhabited these extraordinary locations for millenniums, the true essence of what is in front of us with its ancient resilience and beauty.