Bronze 2018 / Architecture / Cityscapes


  • Prizes
    Bronze in Architecture/Cityscapes
  • Photographer
    Fabrizio Intonti

Siam is an area in the Pathum Wan District of Bangkok considered as the very heart of one of the largest urban area in the world. Bangkok's rapid growth amidst little urban planning and regulation has resulted in a haphazard cityscape. Limited roads, despite an extensive expressway network, together with substantial private car usage, have have led to chronic and crippling traffic congestion. So it's possibile to see in the daily life road workers sleeping in the street are side by side with people shopping in the huge shopping centers .

I am a photographer and author who has studied philosophy. My photographic production, in addition to professional activity, extends to the visual arts, often relies on the contamination of techniques (analog, digital) and languages ??(words, images), with the intent to show the extraordinary in the ordinary, whether it be things, people, places.