Silver 2018 / Science / Other_SC (Non-Pro)

Blood Ties: Relationships Between Mosquitoes and Humans

  • Prizes
    Silver in Science/Other
  • Photographer
    Alejandro Valencia-Tobon

Reality is that the number of people who get infected with mosquito-borne diseases is higher every year. Dengue is ranked as the most important mosquito-borne viral disease. Zika is considered a public health emergency of international concern. Chikungunya has been identified in over 60 countries. Given that these diseases are actually a major global health threat that could affect the whole world in the coming decade, with these photos I ask: How can we make people aware that these diseases can be lethal?

Alejandro is interested in developing interdisciplinary collaborations and experimental methodologies across different areas of knowledge, engaging with the latest debates about the relationship among art, science and anthropology. The French curator Annick Bureaud (ArtPress, 2018) recently described some of his works as ‘strange objects which catch the visitors attention’, ‘attractive and funny’, ‘disturbing’, ‘playful’, and ‘monstrous chimeras’.