Silver 2018 / Science / Technology (Non-Pro)

Space Project 2088

  • Prizes
    Silver in Science/Technology
  • Photographer
    Jack Yong

My understanding of the celestial space is guided by the abundance of photographs captured using satellites and astronomical machines. As my fascination of traveling to space was dismissed by limitations, I shifted my periphery of view to a much familiar landscape and gravity- simultaneously re-channeling my focus to an epistemological foundation. By entering several space facilities in Malaysia, I’ve garnered photographs that remind us not just of the representation of these machines and landscapes as functional objects – but an extensive reinterpretation of “space” on Earth.

Jack Yong’s photographs traverse amongst the disparate environments, fragmented nature and the duality of nature - culture dichotomy. Based in Malaysia, Jack explores the contrasts and contradictions of the delicate balance within urban life and expand the wonder of both natural and constructed elements in contemporary environment as a central focus in his artistic endeavours. He documents this permanent quest of transcendence as deviant documentary observations where the apparent objectivity interweave with semantic ambiguity.