Gold 2018 / Events / Wedding_EVN (Non-Pro)

Today My Sister'S Getting Married...

  • Prizes
    Gold in Events/Wedding
  • Photographer
    Pietro Sorano

My sister's wedding day was one of the best days of my life. Strong emotions, tears of joy. But it was the moment when everything changed. For about thirty years it is as if I had not noticed its growth. She fell in love, worked, brought home her joys and her pains ... She was already a woman and I did not want to abandon the idea of the little sister to protect, the little girl that lived with mom and dad. Her marriage has reduced everything, time and thought and, even if I were aware of all the inexorable changes brought by life ... I had never really acquired awareness of it.

Born in San Giovanni Rotondo - Puglia - Italy - on 05/12/1977. His passion for Photography was born in 2011 when he started experimenting with the creation of music clips with the stop-motion technique. After attending a basic course and several workshop, he joined FIAF. He has expanded his knowledge in photography mainly by self-taught, discovering and studying the images of great Authors (especially Mario Giacomelli).