Gold 2018 / People / Children (Non-Pro)

Between Words

  • Prizes
    Gold in People/Children
  • Photographer
    Magdalena Orylska

"Between words" The series of photographs inspired by a carefree childhood. I contemplate how little ones walk their path of discovery, learn and experience the surrounding world, and build a bond with one another. Every child develops its own way of learning rules and boundaries of everyday life. It is fascinating to witness kids putting through their ideas to life, no matter how absurd they may seem for adults.

Born in 1979 in Szczecinek, Poland. Member of Streetical Collective. Magdalena is a natural light selfthought photographer. She is fascinated by capturing human behaviour, focused meaningful moments, raw emotions and bittersweet realism of everyday life. She steals shots of strangers during their private and intimate moments. She catches the moments at streets, family live and children world just to tell a simple but meaningful stories. A mother of two, who remembers that some memories are never given forever.