Gold 2018 / Science / Other_SC

First Disabled Analogue Astronaut

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    Gold in Science/Other
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  • Photographer
    Anna B Gregorczyk

LUNARES Mobile Research Station in Pila is the analogue simulated space base and a research laboratory. It simulates conditions that astronauts will find in a real base on the Moon or Mars. Marcin Kaczmarzyk is the first disabled analogue astronaut. He took part in ICAres-1 mission as Structural Material Scientist. The main objective of the mission was to test a person with disability functions in a daily life in analog mission environment and to develop procedures that would be valid for astronauts with and without disabilities in space.

Based in Poland. Member of the The Association of Polish Art Photographers. Scholar of the Marshal of Wielkopolska Region and scholar of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in 2018. Focused on modern urban landscape and visual reinterpretation of the human space. Her artistic interests are directed towards artdocumental photography. Initiator and creator of FOTSPOT. Together with Lukasz Szamalek she creates photographic duet FOTOARCHITEKTURA