Bronze 2018 / Science / Environment

Bombs In Our Backyard

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Science/Environment
  • Company
    VII Photo
  • Photographer
    Ashley Gilbertson

The very explosive compound –RDX– that helped make America a superpower is today contamination the nation’s water and soil. America makes more bombs than any other nation, and any surplus, or old stock, is burnt off at open burn sites across the country. Putrid black smoke wafts over poverty stricken towns, where residents have higher rates of cancer and thyroid problems than almost anywhere else in the US. But studies into the toxic nature of RDX are shut down or deemed by the Pentagon as inconclusive. This is a story investigating One of America’s Greatest Polluters: the Pentagon.

Ashley Gilbertson is an Australian photographer and writer living in New York City widely recognized for his critical eye and unique approaches to social issues. Gilbertson is a member of the VII Photo Agency, a frequent contributor to The New York Times and a collaborator with the United Nations.