Gold 2018 / Science / Medicine

A Sustainable Hospital

  • Prizes
    Gold in Science/Medicine, 2nd Place winner in Science
  • Photographer
    Andrea Signori

About 130 km north of Nairobi, on a 2500-meter high plateau, bordered by the Aberdare National Park, is the North Kinangop hospital. Founded in 1965 by some italian missionaries, it grew following the principle of self sustainability. The hospital reaches a basin of 350,000 users. Medical staff counts 200 people, and another 150 employees work in craft and farm activities. By gradually acquiring the adjoining countryside all products are reused for the patient and personal nutrition. The result is the complete autonomy, with no contributions from the local diocese or government

after the master's degree at the Roman school of photography I began to carry out reports in Italy and abroad, focusing mainly on social and economic aspects. I am currently contributor to the Parallelo Zero agency