Bronze 2018 / Moving images / Collage_MV

Ke Sale Teng

Family photo albums no longer have a fixed narrative but instead open us to reinterpret our past and perhaps this kind of reinterpretation is an interrogation of our need to preserve a certain narrative. Photo albums are arranged as if to tell life stories and testimonies and build identities, however the image is never ‘complete’ we are only presented with visual clues that allows our own imaginaries to further ‘complete’ the story. Family history remains a space of contradictions, it is a mixture of truth and fiction.

Lebohang Kganye (b. 1990, Katlehong) is an artist living and working in Johannesburg. Kganye received her introduction to photography at the Market Photo Workshop in 2009 and completed the Advanced Photography Programme in 2011. She also completed her Fine Arts studies at the University of Johannesburg in 2016 and forms a new generation of contemporary South African photographers. Although primarily a photographer, Kganye’s photography often incorporates her interest in sculpture and performance.