Bronze 2018 / Nature / Wildlife

States of Grace: Fauna

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Nature/Wildlife
  • Photographer
    Wendi Schneider

I’m calmed by the simplicity of a graceful line and the stillness of the suspended moment of light on organic forms, illuminating beauty amidst the chaos. Photographing what I feel more than see, and informed by my background in oil painting and art history, I portray a personal interpretation by layering the images with color and texture to balance the real and the imagined. Images are printed digitally with archival pigment ink on vellum. White gold leaf is applied on verso, creating a luminous surface and suffusing the subject with the spirituality and sanctity of the precious metals.

Wendi Schneider turned to photography in the early ‘80s to create moments of her models for her paintings. Missing the sensuality of oils, she began layering glazes on her photographs. Gilded vellum prints from her current series “States of Grace” have been exhibited in more than 60 venues, including A Gallery For Fine Photography and the Berlin Foto Biennale, and featured in B&W Magazine and Silvershotz. Schneider was a Critical Mass finalist in 2017 and has been honored by the International Photography Awards, the International Color Awards, the Gala Awards and Julia Margaret Cameron Awards.