Silver 2018 / Nature / Underwater

Crocodile Portrait

  • Photographer
    Massimo Giorgetta
  • Agency / Studio
    Max Giorgetta
  • Prizes
    Silver in Nature/Underwater

Cuba - Gardens of the queen American Crocodile live inside the archipelago in the mangrove, this shot took a lot of time and adaptation with the animal, then the choice of time to have the sun against the light and the currents to get the clearest water

My name is Massimo, Max to shorten, I was born in Latina in 1961 I start to photograph at the age of 11, I am a son of art, so I acquired skills and professionalism during the years of youth. In 1981 I graduated from high school, and I started working as a professional photographer, sharing with my parent the activity I currently do, years in which I made my skills available, mainly for ceremonial photos, industrial photos, fashion, etc.